Announces Olympic Sports Legacy Program

In Partnership with Jeremy's Heroes

New York, NY (June 23, 2005) - In recognition of Olympic Day, NYC2012 announced that it is partnering with Jeremy's Heroes, an organization dedicated to promoting examples of excellence in sports, which contributed $15,000 toward Olympic sport development for youth...


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Lyz Glick’s Courage

Staying strong to honor her husband’s memory.

Flight 93 will be remembered as a tale of heroism, but also as a love story. A runway delay at Newark Airport in New Jersey gave the passengers and crew a chance none of the other hijacked planes had that morning — a fighting chance, and for many, a chance to say goodbye to a mother, to a husband, to a wife. Lyz Glick lost her husband Jeremy that day. She has been sharing her stories with “Dateline” in the months since. She had been a widow only 48 hours when ‘Dateline’ first met her nearly a year ago. Jane Pauley reports...


Jeremy's Heroes and the New York City Community Olympic Development Program (NYC CODP) Announce Partnership

NYC2012 Olympic bid committee has selected Jeremy's Heroes to partner with them in the creation of the NYC CODP...


Jeremy's Heroes To Launch After-School Sports and Service Program at Harlem Public School This Fall

Jeremy's Heroes will be debuting a new after school sports and service program at P.S. 108 in Harlem, NY beginning in September 2005...


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