Our Inspiration

On September 11, 2001, thirty-one-year-old Jeremy Logan Glick, and his fellow passengers, sacrificed their lives to prevent terrorists from flying Flight 93 into its Washington, D.C. target. On that day Jeremy helped save countless lives, displaying character, courage, and honor - he is an American Hero.

Jeremy's Heroes is an enduring organization that represents who Jeremy was and how he lived his life. Jeremy’s parents instilled in their children the values of what they like to call the three “C’s”: compassion, courage and character. Jeremy strove to achieve those "C's" in every aspect of his life, whether it was as simple as a race to see who could eat their breakfast cereal the quickest or a quest to become a National Judo champion. He faced difficulties head on but always considered how his actions affected others and the best strategy to achieve his goal.

Jeremy gave the ultimate sacrifice to save countless others. We pay tribute to his memory by teaching children the value of compassion. By asking children to give back to their community, we are celebrating Jeremy's gift to America.

For more information or questions about Jeremy’s Heroes send us an e-mail: Info@jeremysheroes.org